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Review of Quran

Quran is one of the most influential books of all times, yet, very few people have ready it.

Truthful reviews of Quran are hard to find, as reviewers and publishers fear beheading fatwas.

According to the Mohammedans, Quran is the perfect word of Allah; the most beautiful and wisest book in existence. However an impartial reader will notice that Quran has three types of content:

  • Poorly retold fragments of Biblical stories repeated up to 30 times
  • threats of tortures in this life and after
  • Allah’s (often genocidal) directions to the faithful

Quranic prose is longwinded, with many unfinished sentences; the chapters are ordered according to the size rather than chronologically. The longest chapter is first and shortest last. In order to make any sense out of Quran, before reading we must break it into chapters, and re-assembled them chronologically.

Throughout the Quran, Allah shows great interest in Muhammad sex life: in verse 33:37 Allah tells Muhammad that it is ok to have sex with his daughter-in-law, 4:24 makes it is ok to have sex with the enslaved wives of unbelievers, 65:4 approves sex with little girls, etc.  The orgy does not end in this life. In Paradise, according to verse 78:33, the faithful will receive 72 “full-breasted maidens”, while the verse 79:19 rewords the faithful pedophiles with by “boys of everlasting youth shimmering like scattered pearls”.

Quran consists of two parts: The Meccan and Medinan. The first, contains a few tolerant verses, the second is violent and intolerant. Unfortunately the Islamic law is based on Medinan part which supersedes the earlier revelations.

Bill Warner Ph.D. from U. of Tennessee, applied scientific analysis to Quran to find that:

  1. 24% of Medinan Quran is dedicated to violent Jihad against the Infidels
  2. 17% to Jew-hatred (By comparison ”only” 7% of Hitler’s Mein Kampf is dedicated to Jew-hatred)
  3. out of 12,066 words about women, 5.3% are positive, 23% are neutral, and 71% are negative

Mohammedans and their Western apologists like to counter criticism of Quran with the so called “good verses”.  There are very few such verses, and they have been abrogated by later violent verses. A closer analysis reveals that even the “good” were deliberately quoted out of context. For example 17:33 “do not kill” appears “good” only until we read further to learn that the apostates must be killed.  The famous 5:32 that says “killing one person is like killing the whole humanity”, applies to the Israelites, while the next verse commands the Mohammedans to crucify, and amputate hands and feet of those who criticize oppose Muhammad.

Allah, the author of Quran only became the “One God” after his prophet Muhammad exterminated the competition. Before that Allah was just one of 360 traditional Arabian gods whose statues were displayed in Mecca.